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Bannister Ropes, Stair Ropes, Hand Rails 

Bannister Ropes  

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Tailor-made for your home - by craftsmen, to your own     measurements.                                                           Customer testimonials

 There is a choice of rope colour (bright red, wine red, royal blue, black, natural flax and polyhemp), with brackets in polished brass, chrome or matt black finish,   used with wooden bracket mounts.

  • Add interest to your hall and staircase with a bannister rope.
  • It will provide an attractive feature for the wall side of your stairs.
  • It's a helpful extra handrail for the elderly and very young too.
  • Our soft-textured bannister ropes come complete with brackets, decorative rose knot ends and clear instructions for fixing.
  • There is a choice of rope colours in the 30mm diameter rope, with brackets in polished brass, chrome or black. The plain wooden mounts are ready for use as supplied or you can paint, varnish, stain or polish them.

Please note that we sell this product as a useful EXTRA handrail. 

Helpful Hints for Ordering - FAQs - click hereBannister Ropes - choice of colours

Q) How long is a bannister rope?
A) We can make it to the exact length you order. (If you need help in converting your measurements to metres and centimetres, just ask!) All ropes tend to stretch slightly in use. A rope that is fitted straight and taut will, after a week or so, stretch sufficiently to give a slight sag between the support brackets. If, however, you require a marked drape between the support brackets, please add 5% to the taut length.

Q) How many support brackets are needed?
A) We recommend one per metre plus one extra. e.g. a four metre rope will require five brackets. These will be fixed to the rope at equal intervals unless you specify otherwise, when ordering.

Q) How should the metal brackets (Brass or Chrome or Matt Black finish) be fixed to the wall?
A) We recommend the use of our wooden bracket mounts (one for each support bracket) to enable you to fix the bannister rope securely. (Screws not supplied for wall mounting.)

bannister ropes - corner fixing

Q) Are yarn samples available?
A) Yes. We will gladly send on request samples for colour matching and so you can feel the texture. (Colours shown may vary slightly from the actual rope colour).

Q) How much is a bannister rope?
A) Price lists, order forms and coloured yarn samples are available by telephone, 01969 667487 or, by fax, 01969 667576.  For further information and prices online please click here.

bannister ropes - brass brackets

Q) How long is delivery?
A) Bannister ropes are normally despatched by parcel post/carrier within two weeks on receipt of order.

NB1. We will gladly re-use your own brackets if you require a replacement for an existing bannister rope. (Please send your brackets!)

NB2. Please note that this product is supplied for use as an extra handrail.

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