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  Barrier Ropes

Indoor and outdoor Barrier systems

We have been one of the leading manufacturer of rope barrier systems for many years. Our customers have included stately homes, galleries, museums, leading retail chains, airports, banks and building societies, and many others.

System Description Type  
Professional Standard

Our best selling and most popular standard. These can be seen in many banks and museums etc. around the country.

3-strand rope barrier rope
Classic Standard

New for this year! Brass and chrome-plated ball tops for those who require something a little different.

3-strand rope  classic barrier
Elite Standard

Designed with opulence in mind. Especially popular in hotels and casinos.

3-strand rope elite barrier
Retractable Standard

These modern and sophisticated retractable systems are available with differently coloured 
webbing and in a variety of different finishes. The usual range of accessories is also available.

Retractable webbing retractable 
Lightweight  Standard The Lightweight Standard is a durable plastic system for both indoor and outdoor 
use and comes in White, Black, Red, Blue and Yellow.
Braided rope lightweight barrier system

The choice of system will depend on the type of use, eg protecting a display, directing or guiding customers, or controlling queues. In turn this will determine the importance of such properties as robustness, flexibility, appearance and cost.