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Please Note: Colours displayed on the website are not wholly accurate - If colour samples are required for verification please contact the sales office.

Our braids are made to order and we do not, as a general rule, hold stocks.

Braid manufacture Maypole Braiding Machine

We manufacture both conventionally plaited braids and knit braids. The two types have different structures and, consequently, their properties vary. This makes them suitable for different end-uses although there is some overlap. We have described them separately.

As a general rule we make for specific orders rather than supply from stock. However, any stocks of regular or surplus braids will be posted on the News page.

Minimum order quantities:- These will vary depending on the diameter and type of braid and are stated on the appropriate price lists. Smaller quantities can be supplied but will attract a premium.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not make climbing ropes or braids from such materials as nylon, dyneema, polyaramids, carbon fibre etc.

Plaited Braids - Manufactured in diameters from 2mm - 12mm. (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and cotton)

Knit Braids Manufactured in the following diameters - 4, 6, 9 and 12mm (polypropylene)

Specialist Braids - eg fireman's personal lines and safety guidelines, barrier ropes, whistle lanyards etc.

Additional Services - eg cutting, bagging - details on request

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