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The Outhwaite 'Breath-Comfort' Range of Dog Coats:

The Greyhound/Whippet Range

Woven Polyester Coats Underbelly Cover Reflective Range Car Safety Harness and Muzzles
dog coat

They are manufactured with fully taped seamed edges and padded linings for extra warmth and comfort.

Cut to fit, these coats are the result of customer demand. 

After consulting with the trade we have manufactured a range of coats that will suit the smaller whippet through to the larger greyhounds. The size range has been recently extended and now covers from 14" to 30" in 2" increments.

 They all come with generous velcro fastenings.

They are

  • Waterproof
    • Windproof
      • Washable
dog coat

All of the coats are packaged in their own carrier bag and come complete with a coat hanger and size cube for ease of display!

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