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* Equestrian/Agricultural Products - Introduction    

            Lead Ropes    

            Traditional agricultural products, hooks and clips

* Bannister Ropes - Introduction


* Barrier Ropes - Introduction

* Braids - Introduction        

            Plaited Braids       

            Knit Braids        

            Specialist Braids         

            Additional Services

* Pet Range - Introduction      

             Woven Polyester Range            

            Attachable Underbelly Cover             

            Greyhound Range            

            Harlequin Range            

            Rainbow Range    

            Reflective Range  

            Leather Leads including 'jewelled' and studded collars            


            Pet Toys

* Promotional Pet Products - Introduction

            Promotional Range of Pet Products


* Rose Swags - Information


* Contact and Information Centre

            Privacy Statement - English, French, Spanish

            Terms & Conditions - English, French, Spanish

            Where We Are & Maps

            Contact Us Form

* News

            Add Your News


            Search For News

* Feedback Form

* Ropeworks History

* Currency Convertor

* Links

        Link To Us

* Site Map - This Page!

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