Uses: Cotton is still used for many different applications. Products that we currently manufacture include: clothes lines, magicians cord, whistle lanyards, draw strings and carrier bag handles.

Braid can be supplied in the following ways:

  • Large plywood reels – a full machine doffing (length of braid depends on thickness)
  • Cardboard flanged reels – 100 to 250m depending on braid diameter.
  • Hanks

Available in 10 colours including natural ecru.


Braids are generally produced in one of two constructions described as 1/1 (one-over-one) or 2/2. In our lists 1/1 is indicated by a prefix 8, eg PP 8/48, and 2/2 by prefix 16 eg PE 16/96. 

They differ in appearance with the 2/2 plait producing a smoother, more regular surface appearance.

The braid's 'tube' or 'hole' can be wholly or partially filled with yarns or other materials or even a smaller diameter braid (to produce 'braid-on-braid'). This may be useful to stop the braid from flattening or to confer some additional property, such as greater strength or extra stiffness. In other cases, the use of a cheap core material allows a larger diameter braid to be produced at lower cost.

Tightness of the 'weave', expressed in terms of 'picks per inch' (or 2.5cm), will affect the flexibility or stiffness of the braid; in general the stiffer the braid the higher its resistance to abrasion.

Minimum order quantities:- These will vary depending on the diameter and type of braid and are stated on the appropriate price lists. Smaller quantities can be supplied but will attract a premium.

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