The small market town of Hawes set in the lovely scenery of the remote Yorkshire Dales is the focus of the surrounding countryside's farming-based population and supports a wide range of shops and businesses providing for the needs of the local population and that of the thousands of visitors to the area each year.

Wensleydale is famous for its crumbly white cheese, which is made in Hawes with milk from local farms. Hawes is also a holiday destination of longstanding with walkers, ramblers and families. The Settle-Carlisle Railway, six miles away at Garsdale station, connects our area with the attractive Eden Valley, as well as Ribblesdale and the Three Peaks area. The little white bus connects Garsdale station to Hawes. Click here for a timetable. Hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and holiday cottages provide accommodation all the year round; caravan and camping holidays are popular too.

There are a number a number of attractions nearby and the Ropeworks is an ideal place to visit for an interesting day out. Just across the road is a delightful playground which is ideal for those visitors with young children. 

The award winning Dales Countryside Museum is just 100 yards away on the other side of the car park and the famous Wensleydale creamery, with its own visitor center, is also just a ten minute walk away. Other nearby attractions include, Hardraw Falls, boasting the longest single drop in Yorkshire and numerous shops, restaurants and pubs. 

Visitors are welcome to come and watch us at work; we are open all year round 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday (except Christmas and New year and Bank Holidays). For up-to-date information about opening hours either email us or telephone us on Wensleydale (01969) 667487 or any Tourist Information Centre.